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Environment & Empire

Teaching Resources for GCSE and A-Level Geography
Curriculum-aligned resources highlighting the effects of colonialism and the contributions of non-European people to the development of geography.


Climate Change

It was during the era of colonial expansion that climate change was first studied systematically. We explore the role that colonial geographers played in understanding extreme weather events, as well as the effects of colonialism on climate change itself.

Hot Deserts

We uncover the story of the British Empire's encounters with the world's most challenging deserts. From the vast dunes of the Sahara to the arid landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula, the empire's presence in desert regions left an indelible mark on the environment.

Tectonic Hazards

The British Empire occupied some of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world, particualrly in Asia. We uncover how colonial geographers and colonised people responded to these terrifying tectonic hazards.

Tropical Rainforests

Within the vast realms of the British Empire, tropical rainforests held an allure of mystery and untamed beauty. As we follow the empire's encounters with these lush and diverse ecosystems, we uncover a story of exploration, exploitation, and conservation.

Cold Environments

Beyond the realms of lush tropics and arid deserts, the British Empire expanded into the icy realms of cold climate regions. We delve into the influence of empire on these frigid landscapes, shedding light on exploration, resource extraction, and scientific advancements amidst the challenges of extreme cold.