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Environment and Empire is a collection of free teaching resources for GCSE and A-Level Geography.

The resources are designed to highlight two major themes:

  1. The effects and consequences of empire on geography
  2. The contributions of non-European people to the study of geography

The aim is therefore to contribute to both diversifying and decolonising the teaching of geography.

Information for Teachers

The resources are all curriculum-aligned and are designed to fit into existing timetables. The resources are specifically aligned to components of the AQA GCSE and A-Level Geography specifications. The resources should also be of more general use to those teaching according to other exam board specifications.

Each webpage contains a case study linked to a topic. You will then find download links for a set of PowerPoint slides and worksheet for each topic. In the "Notes" section of the PowerPoint slides you will find further "Teacher Notes" to help make the best use of these resources.

Project Team

Dr Arjan Gosal (University of Leeds)

Dr James Poskett (University of Warwick)

The project was supported by Jane Dickinson  (University of Leeds).

Project Funding

The project was funded by the Participatory Research Fund at the University of Leeds.


The project team are thankful for the guidance and support provided by Tracey Greig, Employment and Skills, Leeds City Council, and the numerous secondary school geography teachers across Leeds that took part in workshops to identify how best to develop project materials that would be of use to them. 

The website was designed by Periscope and developed by millipedia.

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